About the Sound Effects Library

Mug2Say you know someone who designs and sells coffee mugs. And the printer messes up one batch. Can’t sell ‘em. May as well set up the mics and have some fun.

The MUGS library consists of 101 recordings of stoneware coffee mugs being set down, picked up, spun, dragged and smashed on 10 different surfaces. Plus bonus sweeping-up-debris sounds, as well as close-up recordings of mug shards being scraped together.

And if you want a mug like the ones in the recordings (because, let’s face it – when they’re printed right they look pretty cool), you can buy one at:


…or the other design…


Number of Files: 101 High Quality WAVS (28:07 Minutes)
Size Unpacked: 494 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Recorded with a Neumann U89i through a Geoff Daking mic pre into ProTools.
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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