About the Sound Effects Library

The most complex sound design jobs are often comprised of several intricate parts which build upon one another to create lush and captivating atmospheres.

moonechoThe abstract sounds found in Movement Essentials help to create and enhance musical and cinematic soundscapes by allowing the user to layer and manipulate audio in an almost limitless number of combinations.

This 500+ sound effect library features minimal, yet intricately detailed organic and synthesized sounds that can be used to add depth, motion, or transitional effects to a plethora of film, animation, apps, video games, musical projects and more! Plus, Each sound has 5 or more variations to further assist creativity, complexity and flexibility.


Key Features
500+ sounds/soundscapes
Perfect for post production, animation, games, apps, music production and more
Each sound has 5 or more variations for extra customization
Well-grounded metadata

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