About the Sound Effects Library

This bundle includes our popular Metal source material library and ALL future derived sound design libraries from Metal Hits, Scrapes & Squeaks. The first derived library is Metal Souls.

Bonus Reaktor Ensemble
The Metal Forge ensemble included is a simplified version of our Forge ensemble. It comes pre-loaded with various Metal samples for the ability to quickly create new sounds from the provided material.

Metal Souls

I spent a great deal of time exploring pitch manipulation with this library. Much of it relied on rendered processing to acquire the aesthetic that I wanted. My vision was to make something ethereal and vocal but also a bit vague.

Metal Hits, Scrapes & Squeaks

Props include objects such as sheet metal, sledgehammers, paint cans, metal buckets, metal grating, metal marbles, cups, pots and pans, dry ice (contributing squeaks and squeals), metal bars, metal stands, chains and more. Metal design bundle. Contains 2 libraries – Metal souls & Metal hits, scrapes & squeaks.
Number of Files: 726 High Quality WAVS (80 Minutes)
Size Unpacked: 3.71 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: PCM-D100, Sound Devices MixPre3, Rode NT-4
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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