About the Sound Effects Library

If you need to design indoor explosions and gunshot acoustics, this pack is for you! Contains 773 source sounds, with a minimum of three distance layers for each bang environment.

Perfect for designing guns and explosion sounds that need to have different characteristics depending on distance — it’s how the pros do it!

Bathroom Large
Bathroom Medium
Bathroom Small (only close distance)
Corridor A
Corridor B
Corridor C (has 4 distances)
Corridor D
Corridor E
Elevator (only close distance)
Entrance (has 2 distances)
Room Large A
Room Large B (has 4 distances)
Room Medium A (has 5 distances)
Room Medium B (has 2 distances)
Room Small A
Room Small B
Stairwell A (has 5 distances)
Stairwell B (has 5 distances)
Stairwell C (has 5 distances)
Stairwell D (only close distance)

All shots and explosion have close, distant and far layers, except where noted.

Number of Files: 772 High Quality WAVS (39:53)
Size Unpacked: 659 MB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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