About the Sound Effects Library

Turn your convolution engine into a versatile processing-effect capable of more than simple reverb units; all with just 4 impulse-response collections. Starting with the Impulse Fractalism; you can inject the mathematically-based images straight onto your tracks, resulting in often-psychedelic tones. Boost the tone or presence of your electric and bass guitars with the Impulse Cabinetism 2, or use it just for the slight tone coloration offered through the included mic-coloring impulses. With the Impulse Exploration 4 you can go even wilder, and introduce rhythmic patterns and spectral shifts, metallic-textures and granular swarms of sound. Finally to top it all off, soften and warm everything up with the hybrid lexicon-based reverbs and ambiences. It’s more than enough to make any track legendary. Adding the gloss that is so often relied on to set a track apart from most others.

Bundle includes:
NRS – Impulse Cabinetism 2
NRS – Impulse Reverbism
NRS – Impulse Fractalism
NRS – Impulse Exploration 4

Number of Files: 256 IR files
Size Unpacked: 130 MB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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