About the Sound Effects Library

Huge Hidden Passages is the 3rd and last opus of the World of secrets series. After the furnitures, the objects and their the secret mechanisms, time to the awesome and huge…

From the depths of the jungle, at the entrance of a temple, behind the thick walls of a castle, to discover a buried pyramid, some passages will be hidden to your eyes. We offer you the keys to those closed passages.

A collection of elements designed for your mysterious access

A huge collection of objects and elements to design your mysterious access

An incredible toolbox, issued from a year of recording and sound design. Versatile, dense, pitchable.


Tech description :

  • 744T + EAA Micromix
  • Schoeps MS Couple
  • KM 82i Neuman
  • 2 KM 184 Neuman
  • DPA 4060
  • Sennheiser  MD 441
  • Barcus berry contact mic
  • 192/96 kHz/24bits, 1727 .WAV, stereo and mono files (11.05 GB)

Created and produced by Frederic Devanlay and Cedric Denooz for Red Libraries and Big wheels studio

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