About the Sound Effects Library

Create an outstanding fantasy card gaming experience with Epic Stock Media’s hottest new game sound effects library “Card Game”. Inspired by hit fantasy card games like HearthStone – Card Game brings you the energy of online card gaming mixed with the epicness and adventure or World of Warcraft. Presented in high quality 24bit 96k .wav file format, Card Game brings you the amazing quality of sounds of AAA game studios without breaking the bank. Also, Checkout War Ui, or Modulated Movement for complementing sounds and designed sounds.

Enjoy warm, bubbly fantasy sound and a world-class selection of soft and dynamic card gaming sound effects to help you embark on your next game audio and fantasy production. Shuffle the card deck, Deal, play special effects. Start to trigger the power-ups and upgrade your items by casting magic spells, buffs, and so much more. All included in the deck with Card Game.

Veteran sound designers and game devs rally to Card Game… It’s jam-packed with every asset you need in one convenient complete pack. We all know how important it is to have the right sound. With years of experience and after multiple foley sessions, and months of time spent in post sound design production, we are proud to release Card Game into the gaming community. We are sure your audience will recognize, cherish and love these cute and fun-filled fantasy game audio assets. Sound like top grossing mobile and console fantasy games with Card Game.

Product Details:

503 Game Ready Audio Assets
888.7 MB
Over 20 minutes of audio
Includes Multiple Formats: 96k 24Bit,
Online Fantasy Card Game Sound Effects Library
33 Abilities, Poofs, Pops, Water Missles, Wind Blasts and Movement, Shimmers, Shields
26 Achievements, Chimes, Glimmer, Grand, Poofs, Shimmers, Twinkles, Wisps
61 Game Actions, Bashes, Blocks, Breaks, Deflects, Cracks, Health Packs, Releases, Fire Wall
22 Alerts, Advances, Turn Passed, Time Freeze, Next Round, End Turn, End Round, Cursed Winds, Your Turn
8 Game Ambience Loops, Beach, Cave, Dungeon, Forest, Pasture, Snowy Mountain, Swamp, Underwater
33 Card Movements, Deal, Shuffle, Tap, Cycle, Deck, Bets, Light, Singles, and Multiple Card Movements
52 Special Effects, Bless, Shrine Buff, Expose, Fracture, Liquify, Lock, Miniaturize, Poof, Puncture, Slow Down, Tear, Fire, Rush, Shimmer
33 Items, Boulder Slam, Cork Pop, Glass Break, Potion, Pour, Stone Breaks and Smacks
34 Magic, Crackle, Punches, Smash, Shield, Glitter Missile, Launch, Pierce, Shot, Shimmer, Seal, Ice, Earth, Reinforce
38 Plays, Bop, Hush, Mech Arms, Punch Metal, Shield, Skip Turn, Slam, Water, Swirl, Switch
49 Upgrades, Buffs, Crystals, Earth Strength, Flutter, Long, Medium, Shimmer, Enhance, Power Up
114 UI, General, Silly, Light, Heavy, Bubbles, Pops, Clicks, Thunks, Shimmers, Mechanical, Dings, Percussion, Menu Collapses, Gentle, Bells
& so much more!

Number of Files: 503 High Quality WAVS (20 minutes)
Size Unpacked: 888.7 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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