About the Sound Effects Library

The ‘2000 Game Sound FX’ collection is a large assortment of 2000 sound effects specially designed for use in your games, apps, videos, and interactive media projects.

The collection contains 30 sound effects audio category folders covering many different styles and genres. The sounds include everything from beeps, zaps, chimes, alarms, gunshots, footsteps, explosions, impacts, computers, machines, interfaces, retro, swipes, splats, pops, vocals, negative and positive, with a large range of success chimes, jingles, bonus and pickup sounds. The sound library gives you an incredibly useful set of audio assets to use for prototyping as well as in your final shipped products.

You get access to a huge wide range of sounds covering everything from puzzle games to platformers, shoot-em-ups to word games, kids to action games, first person shooters to real-time strategy, retro to contemporary. The sound effects are perfect for giving players essential user feedback, both positive and negative, enhancing in-game rewards, and bringing your games, apps, and videos to life!

– Large collection of 2000 stereo 44.1 kHz 16bit WAV audio files + OGG compressed file versions (saved at 20%).
– Pre-mastered clean ready-to-use audio files.
– Hundreds of hours to create, saving you a huge amount of time and effort.
– Full royalty-free commercial use license, with full life time use.
– Immediate access with a quick and easy digital download.

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