About the Sound Effects Library

ShotgunMike - The Undead - Cover ArtworkThese are no ordinary zombies, they’re not your mindless, shuffling, flesh-craving human husks. An evil runs through what remains of these creature’s bodies. Flesh has all but departed their bones and whatever humanity they had in life has long since decayed.

This library is dedicated to the chilling vocal sounds of the zombie. It is ideal for films and games, TV or trailers and includes 102 bespokely designed zombie vocal assets, including breaths, idle grunts and groans, attacks, pains, death, war cries and more.

Whilst this library caters primarily for the more aggressive variant of the undead, it wouldn’t sound out of place when used on other terrifying abominations.

All assets are delivered in 96kHz, 24-bit stereo files which include full Soundminer metadata.

Number of Files: 102 High Quality WAVS (00:05:14)
Size Unpacked: 208 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser 416, RME 800, Pro Tools HD11
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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