About the Sound Effects Library

Sci-Fi Voices transports you to the future with 6 iconically performed and crafted character voices delivering over 800 phrases, grunts and screams. They were inspired by popular Sci-Fi Film, TV and Video Game series, and are provided without reverb to give you full flexibility. Recorded in 24Bit 96kHz, allowing for further sonic manipulation.

We worked closely with our voice talent to ensure that the most interesting performances were captured for many different scenarios. Whether you are making an alien invasion game or need voice effects for user interface systems, this library covers it all. All lines were meticulously edited and processed (without reverb) by our Audio Craftsmen.

If you think your project is in need of some fresh voice content than this library is for you!

Here are the included characters in the order that they appear in the demo track –

Male Exosuit: A voice with some serious weight. It gives the impression of size and a metallic body with moving parts.

Female Computer: Your ship’s mainframe computer has a voice, it is soothing in even the most precarious situations.

Male Alien Cyborg: Half machine, half man. This character is determined to destroy all humans.

Male Helper Robot: A slightly annoying, overly helpful robot who will follow you and narrate your surroundings.

Female Alien Queen: The Queen of a disgusting alien race, she takes pleasure when infecting humans.

Male Robot Police: There is a future in which police officers are robots; and badass.

Please note: The demo track contains third party sound effects and music, but all of the voice sound effects are included in this library.

Number of Files: 826 High Quality WAVS (18)
Size Unpacked: 832 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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