About the Sound Effects Library

Rustle_Tones_Sound_LibraryArticulated presents the result of several months investigation in the realm of rustling matters: Fragile and delicate elements in motion producing soft crackling and rubbing sounds.

A toolkit to create presence, reality, movement, textures and silences.

Outdoor and in studio
Light breeze and heavy wind gusts were recorded on many locations: in forests, near shrubs, tall grass, corn fields, and in streets. Leaves were captured fluttering on branches but also whirling and dancing on the ground.

Variety of foliage and other textures
Leaves of all shapes and various materials such as plastic, paper, fabric, dirt were recorded. All of which through various interactions such as shuffle, shake, rub, brush, hit, fiddle, whip, and whoosh.

What’s inside:
– Windy foliage in trees
– Leaves dancing on the ground
– Plants interactions & movements
– Shuffling, shaking, brushing, rubbing, hitting, swooshing
– All kinds of leaves shape and many types of vegetation such as grass, broadleaf branch, reeds, maple twigs, bamboos, needles, dry leaves, twigs, straws
– Additional texture that can help extend the sonic palette of rustling noises such as plastics, papers, metals, glass, pebbles, dirt, fabric, leather

Number of Files: 216 High Quality WAVS (3:01:51)
Size Unpacked: 5.86 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sanken Co-100k, Sennheiser MKH418, Sennheiser MKH8090, Sound Devices 788T.
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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