About the Sound Effects Library

Rain in urban and natural environment – sound library with more than 1h43mins of recordings. In total 12,8 GB of high resolution/quality recordings. Rain in detail, rainy ambiences and textures, far field, mid field, near field recordings captured in urban environment and pristine nature.

This sound library is where you can find: gentle, strong and torrential rain. Rain with blizzard, rain falling on macadam road, rain in forest, rain falling on dead lives, rain in trees, heavy rain with thunder-close/distant, rain captured in cabin, porch, many gutter situations, rain on metal roof, plastic roof, captured in the truck, in the car, outside the car-car metal, umbrellas under/outside, few meters away umbrella situations, rain recorded in building lobby, on fire escape stairs, in car parking, in the street/highway, with cars passing by, trams, traffic, on the sea surface/the beach, waterdrops in puddle, small garden cabin, room tones etc. Check the list of sounds for full info (detailed description included in metadata/broadcast wave).

This sound library contains numerous of details in near field, mid field and far field rainy situations. Rain in urban and natural environment library is must have tool for create rainy background and atmos in your project: foley, games, film.

There is a nice spatial ambiences (natural echo) captured in some recordings like: underground garage facility, overbridge under, room tone-empty room, house ruins in rural area, cave entrance etc.

Various microphone techniques/mic patterns are used in making this library, depending on object of recording. Recorded in: MS stereo; X/Y: DIN, NOS stereo; mono (with shotgun mic); and even with parabolic reflector in stereo.

The recordings recorded in MS (mid-side) mic. technique are provided with (coded X/Y) normal stereo files ready to use but there are separated Mid and Side recordings (mono channels) of each MS recording for greater freedom in advanced production (for those who wont to create their own stereo MS, further production). Other recordings are ready to use in stereo and few in mono.

All recordings are birds free (except those few noted). The recordings from “Nature” file are all free of (air) traffic sounds and noise pollution. Recordings are separated in folders by its caracter and place of rec., urban or nature, marked with numbers.

Recorded with high end recording equipment, in high resolution/sampling rate (24/96). Generally recordings are very long. Some shorter are loop ready and can be repeated easly. Metadata taged with detailed description of each recording, place and equipment/mic tech. (in broadcast wave file notes/description).
Maximum peak level on all recordings is -5 dBFS (for great dynamic range, great headroom), originally recorded with great headroom keeping in mind.

Number of Files: 244 High Quality WAVS (1h 43min 09sec)
Size Unpacked: 12.8 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH 60/30, 40/30; AKG C391B (XY)/CK94 (in MS), Primo em172; Telinga Stereo parabolic mics; Sound Devices 744T, M-audio microtrack II, Sony PCM50 Recorder and Sound Devices Mix Pre field mixer (Lundahl input transformers), Rycote blimps and windjammers, Manfrotto and Triton tripods, Mogami cables and Neutrik XLRs, Sennheiser and Beyerdynamics headphones. Portabrace bags, 4×4 wehicle. Editing: DAW PC based, I/O RME. Software: Wavelab, Cubase, Wave Agent Beta (Sound Devices). Monitoring: PMC and JBL studio monitors (in acoustically treated room, live end-dead end), Beyerdynamic headphones.
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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