About the Sound Effects Library

Establish the setting of any scene with the go-to recordings of The Odyssey Collection: Ambiences. Cover your needs for locations both everyday and exotic – from aircraft carriers to the Serengeti, nuclear power plants, brisk Canadian mountain air, Mexican bar walla, a Czechoslovakian office, record pressing factories, Malaysian forests, big cities, small towns and everywhere in-between.

Create immersive and authentic backgrounds for any project.

Developed in exclusive collaboration with Academy Award®-winners Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson, Odyssey Ambiences delivers vibrant, diverse, high-quality recordings from around the globe – so you can focus on staying creative and delivering your best sound.

“Because Richard and I were so religious about fresh recordings, it was quite common for us to have a recorder with us everywhere we went. This allowed us to develop a rich, varied and international scope to our Ambience library without having to actually find money to fund every recording.”
– Mark Mangini (Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road)

Inspire creativity with Odyssey Ambiences

Globe IconUseful for Any Project
Ambiences are a crucial element of every sound artist’s toolkit. Lay the foundation for any scene with this extensive collection of locations.

Microphone IconMulti-Channel Recordings
Build creative backgrounds with over 400 multi-channel sounds to immerse your audience in the world of your story.

Fast IconWork Faster
Easy, Accurate Search: Our sounds are embedded with rich, optimized metadata to streamline your workflow with lightning-fast pinpoint searches.

Waveform IconMost Needed Categories
Strengthen your library with rich, diverse recordings in the most commonly used categories like Walla, Urban, Rural, Room Tone and more.

Award IconAuthentic Sonic Mastery
Deliver your best with world-class sound captured throughout award-winning careers by two masters of the craft.

Number of Files: 4043 High Quality WAVS (119 hr, 35 min, 33 sec)
Size Unpacked: 118 GB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/16-24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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