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moscow_cold_logo_300_300Moscow, Russia in winter and spring time. Streets, covered with melting
snow; people, hurrying with their business; street, cleaning from ice; whistling wet traffic; quiet and loud residential neighborhoods; children playing in the snow; windy parks; cold nights and, then, saving spring; water, dropping from the roofs; singing birds and babbling brooks. How to convey these things without violating their nature?

One of the ways is a stealth binaural recording using miniature microphones DPA 4060. It gave the sense of naturalness and created a presence effect, that you wouldn’t find in any other library about Russia.

Imagine yourself in Moscow and feel the indescribable palette of «in your face» sounds and atmospheres of this incredibly sounding city.

Number of Files: 145 High Quality WAVS (9 hours 8 minutes 30 sec)
Size Unpacked: 9.06 GB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Gear Used:DPA 4060 (A-B stereo), SoundDevices MixPre-D
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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