About the Sound Effects Library

Airtrument, is one of 5 soundsculptures i created. The sounds which are coming from this sculpture are produced by rotating different tubes and by letting air float through this tubes. in order to rotate faster or slower different levels of tones are heard. this library contains single tones and a variation of tones, which are included in the bigger files.

The other 4 soundsculptures are also to be downloaded. DieIdee, thats german for “The Idea” is the name of the whole installation where people create an uniq creation of all sounds together by pushing a button to let the motor turn the instrumental parts. so the composition is always different. thats in short the intention of this artwork. and because i am curious what you create out of this tones, you are able to download them in change for some money, so that i can work on the next sculptures and sounds.

Number of Files: 29 High Quality WAVS (5:52 minutes)
Size Unpacked: 376 MB
Sample Rate: 48-96kHz/24-32bit
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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