About the Sound Effects Library

dark-drones-eneas-groot-webAn unusual collection of deep, dark rumbling and slightly aquatic drones. I have always been fascinated by the deep sea and I used that fascination as an inspiration for this collection of drones.

Each drone tells a story that is represented by the title of that drone.

The pack was created with different uses in mind. You can use the drones for synchronization with film (chopped up or as a whole) or you can use them as a strong basis for further tinkering and sound designing or you can use them as a deep, relaxing listening experience.

The pack consists of 9 drones, ranging from 2 to over 12 minutes in length for a total of over 58 minutes.
High resolution was used for maximum flexibility. With this pack I wanted to use a fresh, different approach to the drone concept, I hope you will enjoy Dark Deepsea Drones!

Artwork by Annemie Van Roey

Number of Files: 9 High Quality WAVS (58:10 minutes)
Size Unpacked: 2.68 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/32bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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