About the Sound Effects Library

A collection of 80 humongous drones, with a definite sci-fi vibe. Both plain and sparky like no digital sound can ever hope to be, they fill up the spectrum from the deepest rumble to the crispiest crackle. Whether you layer them into soundscapes and atmos, or cut them up to create your own sound effects, hairs will stand at the litteral sound of electricity!

They were generated from a big modular synthesizer and classic analog keyboards – both modern and vintage. A few acoustic recordings of electromechanical devices were also used to enhance ruggedness, depth and variety. Processing was done through outboard gear, including legendary reverbs, analog exciters and tube distos.

Most are several minutes long, and perfectly looped on top of that. Accurately synced reverbs are served in separate files – often along with different mixes and/or layers.

Number of Files: 453 High Quality WAVS (29 hours)
Size Unpacked: 43.7 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: – analog Eurorack modular synth
– classic and exotic, vintage and modern keyboard synths
– analog hardware including transistor exciters and tube distos
– RME ADI-8 and Ferrofish A16 mk2
– Senheiser MKH30/40 m/s pair to Sound Devices 702
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