About the Sound Effects Library

Compiling over 4 hours of ambisonic recordings, Village is focused on providing plenty of options for sound designers and editors alike on building rich, neutral soundscapes for quiet urban environments, where long takes allow you to loop said sounds wherever you please, build a scene in VR or other multimedia projects with leeway and versatility.

Inside this library you’ll find quiet streets, moderate traffic recorded in multiple locations, uncrowded beach soundscapes, natural parks and fountains; alongside typical vehicle transportation from Sintra’s village, like 40mins of tram interiors, a 25min tuktuk ride and regular trains recorded from several positions.

All sounds were recorded with RØDE’s NT-SF1 ambisonic microphone and given the nature of this particular format, you can easily convert these B Format audio files onto any desired format (like regular stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 surround) with the correct plug-in, like RØDE’s own SoundField, which happens to be free to download. These are raw recordings where little to no hum or hiss removal techniques were applied.

Number of Files: 69 High Quality WAVS (249)
Size Unpacked: 32.2 GB
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: RØDE’s NT-SF1, Sound Device MixPre-6 II, Reaper, RØDE’s Soundfield, Izotope’s RX7
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