About the Sound Effects Library

Ambiences in the morning and evening. Ambiences in the forest and out in open fields. Ambiences with birds and crickets, and also ambience in a small neighborhood and more!


Ambience Early Morning Birds Chirping
Ambience Open Fields
Ambience Small Residential Area
Ambience Crickets and Cicadas
Ambience Light Rain
Ambience Forest Calm
Ambience Forest with Birds
and MORE!

Contains 23 Total SFX
Number of Files: 23 High Quality WAVS (24:53)
Size Unpacked: 317 MB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Microphone, Sound Devices 633 Mixer, Sound Devices 702 Mixer, Zoom 6n Recorder
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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