About the Sound Effects Library

Sound library full of winter soundscapes, ambiences and textures. Recorded in pristine nature. Must have tool for create background and atmos. in your project – Foley, games, etc.

Sounds of: wind, wind in background (mid, far field), wind in trees (pine, beech and other), blizzard and snow, snow falling from trees under the wind, cracking of ice on frozen lake (with underwater/ice hydrophone recordings), flowing of ice sheets on partially frozen stream, stream in winter with wind in background (in trees), dead lives on wind, wind in dead grass, etc. Recorded in Europe.

All recordings are recorded in MS (mid-side) mic. technique and are provided with (coded X/Y) normal stereo files but there are separated Mid and Side recordings (mono channels) of each recording for greater freedom in production. Some recordings are multichannel, 3 or 4 ch. (MS stereo + ch. 3 and ch.4 Hydrophones) – mix down to stereo (X/Y). For multichannel recordings all channels come separated too.

All recordings are birds free (except those few with birds recorded intentionally) and free of (air) traffic sounds.

Recorded with high end recording equipment, in high resolution/sampling rate. Long recordings, without need to loop them. Metadata taged.

Maximum peak level on all recordings is -5 dBFS (for great dynamic range, great headroom).

Number of Files: 93 High Quality WAVS (4h 53min)
Size Unpacked: 6.11 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH 60/30, 40/30 mics, Aquarian audio H20-XLR hydrophones (2x), Sound Devices 744T Recorder and Sound Devices Mix Pre field mixer (Lundahl input transformers), Rycote blimps and windjammers, Manfrotto and Triton tripods, Mogami cables and Neutrik XLRs.
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