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WindInTrees_sonnissHere are ambient and specific recordings of rustling leaves, fluttering twigs and creaking trunks. Pine and Fir trees, Beechwood hedgerows and leafless Oak trees, along tall grass and reeds. All in all, a collection representative of the cultured landscape in Denmark, as well as much of northern Europe. I was lucky enough to record a storm during the last days of 2016, and those sounds are of course included here. No human voices or man-made sounds, but a few of the sounds have bird vocalizations in them.

The focus is rather narrow, going for many nuances of the same flavor – rather than many flavors. If you need sounds of a storm or gale in northern European vegetation, then this should fit the bill. Note that there is audible buffeting in several files. I opted to leave it in there, as it might suit some purposes, and let me keep the most violent passages. You can try your luck with noise reduction, but since wind is mostly broadband noise anyway, it might not turn out well. YMMV.

A few sounds appear in both mono and stereo versions, where the stereo version are X/Y derived from the M/S source files and the mono versions are simply the Mid channel. I did this, because most people seem to prefer X/Y files for post-work, rather than M/S – but a down-mix of X/Y to mono would be inferior to using the original Mid-mic signal. All sounds were captured in Denmark between October and January.

You get:
– Wind through trees, bushes and tall grass
– Close recordings and wider takes
– X/Y Stereo and Mono sounds (decoded from M/S)
– Searchable file names
– Secure Amazon S3-powered download
– Metadata included in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats.

Number of Files: 32 High Quality WAVS (93 minutes)
Size Unpacked: 2.8 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH60/30 microphones in M/S setup – SQN 4S series II field mixer – Sony PCM M10 recorder
Other Info: Meta-Tagged (Included csv)

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