About the Sound Effects Library

Traction Steam EnginesPulsing pistons, creaking cogs, bright hisses, funnel blasts and evolving mechanical rhythms, the Traction Steam Engines sound library is a collection of engine sounds straight out of the industrial age.

Consisting of two banks of material – the original recordings (90 stereo/mono files, 96khz, 4.96GB) and a custom collection of design sounds (111 stereo/mono files, 48khz, 4.83GB) – the library offers an exciting range of sonic ingredients for all manner of industrial sound design projects.

Number of Files: 201 High Quality WAVS (5 Hours, 38 minutes)
Size Unpacked: 9.79 GB
Sample Rate: 48-96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: DPA 4061 • DPA 4060 • NTG3 • Sound Devices Mix-Pre • Fostex FR2LE • Tascam HDP2
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