About the Sound Effects Library

The MintThe Mint features 450 high-quality sounds covering all manner of monetary material.
Coins. Coin-filled sacks. Bank notes. Bank Cards. Wallet. Receipts.

A wide variety of performances…
Spun, flung, dropped, slid, submerged, placed down, picked up, tossed, shaken, rustled, rattled, flipped. One coin, a few coins, many coins.

…on a wealth of surfaces
Wood, metal, ceramic, carpet, cardboard, plastic, bamboo, water, other coins, hands.

Counter loops and one shot effects
Coin and note counters ticking up, perfect for currency or score increasing or decreasing in games and motion design.

Burlap sack of coins
Half-filled and full to the brim, light and heavy effects, on soft and hard surfaces.

More than coins
Bank notes, bank cards, wallet and receipt sounds are included for versatility. Receipt sounds are also useful for paper, map and UI sound effects.

Resampled, pitched effects
Recorded with ultrasonic mics, these effects lend coins a heavy and huge sound while remaining crisp and clear. Great for fantasy coinage, pirate doubloons, giant Viking tokens, or plain ol’ dramatic effect. The majority of sounds retain their ultrasonic frequency information, making the library ideal for sound design and further processing.

Professional quality
Recorded with ultra-low-noise, ultra-sensitive, high-end mics capable of capturing every metallic shimmer and clink.

Stereo and Mono WAV files provided (900 files total)
Arranged into folders by object, surface quality and performance.

Number of Files: 900 High Quality WAVS (09:34 minutes)
Size Unpacked:
252.9 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH8040/MKH30 M/S rig, LOM Usi Pro stereo pair, Sound Devices recorder. Edited in iZotope RX with minimal processing.
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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