About the Sound Effects Library

Box Design 300x270The “Mansion Doors” collection is a library of high quality door recordings of varied sizes and materials that was recorded in a very old, 1800’s mansion in Tuxedo Park, NY.

All files were recorded at 24/96 and embedded with Soundminer metadata.

The sounds range from small interior doors to old, creaky pocket doors all the way to the very large entry doors. We’ve even included a recording of an old laundry drying pull out door that sat next to the huge furnace and some original crank doorbells and latches.

These sounds are perfect for the project that needs any kind of vintage sounding door but can also very easily be used in a modern day setting as well. We hope you find the first offering from Stereo Chemistry useful and enjoyable to use and we look forward to providing many more libraries in the near future.

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