About the Sound Effects Library

lalo_emblem_gridOffering the functional and mechanical sounds of a plethora of quirky contraptions that latch or lock together in some manner or another, this library of latches, locks, switches, clips, slides, clasps, gears, bolts, and ratchets is a mechanical sonic powerhouse. Embellish a simple hand tool or build utterly complex mechanizations.

Some source materials were discovered in old railway yards, others were random findings in an antique mall, while others still were dislodged components of even larger, more complex machines. Like little sonic building blocks, the sounds herein are primarily reduced to their smallest meaningful components, giving you the quick, accessible freedom to drop/move/stack them for fast production. As with many of our libraries, we focused on providing sets of similar sounds so that you can create sequences and randomized groups for an event on the fly without having to commit extra editing time.

We’ve also included 26 of our own designs to get your creative machine turning!

Number of Files: 850 High Quality WAVS (14:55)
Size Unpacked: 301 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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