About the Sound Effects Library

HumBuzz is a collection of electromagnetic field noises from fridges, microwaves, boilers, cell phones, TVs and computers.

humbuzz-gridThese devices emit a complex mixture of noises that often cover huge frequency ranges and therefore offer an inspiring resource for event-driven foleys, scoring or interface design.

Surprisingly many of the sounds contain strong tonal elements that can be filtered out and pitched into usefull scales.
So even tuned instruments are just some tiny tweaks away.



The library contains 113 Broadcast WAV files and is categorized to these topics:

• Buzz
• Hum
• Noise
• Start Up
• Tonal


Format: Broadcast WAV files
Samples: 113, 24 Bit/44.1 KHz
Length: 7 to 27 sec
Disk Space: 180 MB

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