About the Sound Effects Library

This library is a great collection of sounds of DOORS, furniture, windows, gates, sinks, drawers and curtains of the domestic type.
The library focuses on various types of homes / environments: poor / rustic house, elegant or contemporary, rural; Or based on the period: 80s / 90s – 60s and 40s.

HHDoors – Contains 8.5 GB – High definition 270 Stereo file 96 Khz 24 Bit –

– Different perspectives: many files are double, a “Close Perspective – XY” file
and a second file recorded distant and off-axis named “Distant Perspective – ORTF”

– Different actions, slowly, quickly, slamming doors, creaking, knocking, rattling, moving the door on the carpet.

Everything, or almost everything, has an action of opening and closing inside a house,
has been added to provide a very valid “Doors and furnitures” multitool:

Drawers, windows, curtains, cabinets, shutters, light switches, faucets, water flush, plastic panel, electrical panel, Cupboard and wardrobe, ovens, microwave… and household props.

recorded from various perspectives and always with different intensities – from delicate to hard.

Some doors are designed as a layer to be edited together with others. This allows you to have endless combinations available that can make you able to create the right “opening and closing doors” for your project.

270 High Quality WAVS (04:22:48)
Size Unpacked: 8.54 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Schoeps cmc mk41 XY – Close Perspective
Oktava mk01 – ORTF Distant Perspective
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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