About the Sound Effects Library

Hello Y’all. So you want to pew pew like no one’s ever pew pewd before. With this library all your dreams’ll come true.

You can find all kinds of guns, from shotgun to revolver. Smith & wesson to glock and escuadra.. even a flamethrower and a crossbow. With the “boom” and the “bang” and all the ripidy rapidy stuff. BUT! that’s not all my folks, fellows in crime. You will find gun shots, but also guns handlin’, shells jumpin’, arrows travelin’ through the air, guns loadin’ and all that metallic goodies. Just like pop used to say: “It’s better to be safe than a book cover” Or Som’ like that. YEHA!!!!

You’ll find an awesome war zone BG and a low health loop. What r you waitin’ for?

Number of Files: 288 High Quality WAVS (6 min 22 sec.))
Size Unpacked: 66.4 MB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Zoom h6, Shure microphone, Tascam DR 40, Pro tools
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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