About the Sound Effects Library

Drones and musical beds contains a series of 40 evolving soundscapes designed to be the perfect complement to establishing shots in film, TV and games.

Sonniss 350x350 GJMSpanning both ambient and experimental genres, this sound library would suit anyone working in sound design, film, TV and game audio.

The soundscapes are perfect for adding more depth, tension and anticipation to advertising visuals.
In creating the drones we focused on low- and mid-sound frequencies – avoiding any high frequencies to allow space for narration, voiceovers and foley audio.

Unlike other sound-sets, these drones aren’t focused on the dark and doom-ridden but purposely include uplifting ambient drone pads to suit more positive applications.

Most of the drones last for two minutes, allowing the textures to evolve. Relevant key signatures and BPMs are indicated to encourage composers and sound designers to use the drones as a creative starting point, as well as using them to create loops.

The sound sources used to make these drones vary from synthesisers to field recordings, which have all been carefully mixed to radiate a warm, organic sound.

All the audio files are presented in 24 bit 44.1khz stereo broadcast WAV.

Created by Guy Jackson Music

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