About the Sound Effects Library

dark-sci-fi-ui-pic[1]I am a HUGE Sci-Fi fan. I love both books and movies about far-reaching technology and space exploration. As a sound designer, of course, I love the sounds in sci movies as well. I especially like the user interface sounds.

I have been a bit obsessed with creating UI (User Interface) Sounds for years! It’s been a constant struggle and challenge for me. I finally feel like I’ve scratched the surface of interesting UI sounds after many failures (many, many failures).

After studying UI sounds in films for the past decade, I noticed a lack of really cool “dark” sounding UI libraries. I got inspired by such movies as Prometheus and Oblivion, and I wanted a library of those types of sounds. So, I went to work!!

I used every synth program I had at my disposal. I used every plugin I had as well. Sometimes, I would process a sound 4 or 5 times through my plugin-in chains (just moving the settings a little to get a totally different sound). It was a blast finally feeling like I created some UI sounds!!! Now my sound design bucket list is a bit shorter…I hope you enjoy!!

Number of Files: 149 High Quality WAVS – 1000+ Sounds
Size Unpacked: 1.27 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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