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Buses, Cars, Trains and more

City Traffic brings the daily noise of Berlin to your library.

city-traffic-album-sfxThe Pack contains recordings of main roads during the morning rush hour, when the trolley car rumbles over the rails and the trucks are roaring through the kettles. In between a bunch of honking mopeds and cars with broken exhaust pipes are fighting for their space. Commuter trains are crossing every minute, the omnibus arrives just in time and the long-distance trains pass the station with squeaking brakes. In the evening it is rainy and at least the suburb calms down a little bit.

City Traffic consists of 10 different sceneries that are split into 55 single takes, with a length from 30 to 150 seconds.


The material offers exciting possibilities for scoring, radio play and composition.

Format: WAV
Samples: 55, 24 Bit/44.1 kHz
Disk space: 900 MB

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