About the Sound Effects Library

This library is a small “utility” collection of sounds great for use as Robot/Machines but also great for UI and Weapon design elements. Servos, various metal objects and analog synths were recorded as source material to create this library. The library includes raw servo recordings and meticulously performed or designed robotic/machine-like sounds.

Bonus – Forge Sound Design Tool Sample Map
If you own the Forge Sound Design Toolkit this library also comes with a specially curated sample map. The sample map can be loaded into the sampler for randomization and the creation of more complex sounds.

Number of Files: 87 High Quality WAVS (2 Minutes)
Size Unpacked: 120 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH8050 + Mixpre-6 Recorder
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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