About the Sound Effects Library

British Soldier Voices contains 800+ soldier vocalisations including orders, commands, shouts, grunts and more performed at different intensities. All recorded up close and personal for use in video games, film and other media content. Recorded in 24Bit 96kHz, allowing for further sonic manipulation.

Phrases include genuine language used by SAS, Army, Royal Navy and Paratroopers as well as exaggerated script elements. We consulted real British Armed Forces Personnel to ensure that our scripts were accurate and performed correctly by our voice talent. Both modern phrases and historical phrases are included, extending the libraries use beyond modern warzones.

Whether you are making a FPS game featuring the SAS, a film featuring the armed forces or need voice effects for training purposes, this library covers both real life commands as well as phrases included for dramatic effect. All lines are included clean along with a processed version to add quick army radio comms to any project, perfect for video game implementation!

If you think your sound collection is in need of some reinforcements then this is the library for you!

Here are the included folders:

Whispering: Perfect for stealth mission and special forces operations, using the element of surprise.

Talking: Soldiers speaking at normal levels, perfect for instructing commands or for training exercises.

Shouting: Perfect intonation for heavy battle in close proximity with the enemy, lock and load!

Grunts: A collection of grunts and efforts perfect for close-quarters combat or when a soldier is hit.

Please note: The demo track contains third party sound effects and music, but all of the voice sound effects are included in this library.

Number of Files: 1600+ High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 435 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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