About the Sound Effects Library

An extensive collection of flight / airplane / aviation sound effects from my personal archive.

sounds-of-flight-albumJumbo Jets, Military Fighters, War-birds, Helicopters and Bi-Planes – From an F-16 to a Tiger Moth – it’s all here.

48k/16bit WAV files with embedded Soundminer Metadata

 Contains things such as:

Boeing 747 Arrives on stand, engines on and off. Take off. Airacobra P-39 Fast Pass, B17G Flying Fortress Take Off. BAC 1-11 Cruising Light Chat, Land And Announcement. Stop & Engines Off. Taxi & Take Off. BAE Hawk Trainers Mass Take Off, Boeing 747 Low Pass

Cessna Low pass, land, taxi and engine off. Start, test, taxi & take-off. Douglas C-47 Circle & Pass RL. Low Pass RL. Pass and circle away. Eurofighter Pass. F-15 Strike Eagle Fast pass LR. F-16 Falcon Display Pass, Turn and Pass Back, Fast Pass V2, Medium Pass Then Fast.  F-86 Sabre Circle and Slow Pass, Fast Pass, High Pass, Jet Pass & Return, Slow LR Then fast RL. Fennec T-28 Rotary Trainer Slow Pass, Hawker Hurricane & Spitfire Mk IX Take Off
Hawker Hurricane Overhead Passes, and Hawker Sea Fury Passes.


Apache & Lynx Helicopter Slow Pass. Chinook Helicopter Distant Pass, Pass with Jets Follow, Slow Pass & Slow Pass Sequence. Griffin Helicopter Hovers Left of Center and wanders off Helicopter Sea King Arrive .Sea King Helicopter Engines Off. Launch hover and depart Helicopter Sea King Rotors Engage. Turbo Ramp Up

+ a whole lot more! There are things like RAF Tornado’s, Spitfires and passenger jets doing a whole range of stuff. If you are looking for aviation sounds this is exactly what you need.

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