About the Sound Effects Library

3D-Print-Thumb3D Printers provide some unique and interesting tones from their movements. The Lulzebot mini has a particularly interesting quality, with very fast movements that create high pitch frequencies with a lot of variety. Great for any robotic, gadget, servo or electronic assets.

The library has already been organised into a variety of movements to allow for ease of use. Easily navigate between fast stutters, pitch’y whines, and sporadic tones. Also provided are individual microphone tracks to allow for further compatibility.

Number of Files: 28 High Quality WAVS (01:35:54)
Size Unpacked: 8.88 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Neumann U87 – Korg CM-200 – Telephone Pick up coil *2 – Zoom H6 Stereo Microphone
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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