About the Sound Effects Library

Articulated presents here a careful collection of 100 Electric Fans, HVAC, AHU, and Mechanical Drones. After months of capture, we recorded, selected, and edited this unique library featuring rich, varied, and useful assets ready-to-use for any game or movie project.

These sounds can serve to inspire life inside environments, provide industrial tones, domestic houses, or back alleys, setting moods or atmospheres. They can also serve as elements to design mechanical machine or engine sounds.

The sonic quality extends a large spectrum from clean, modern, to old and rusty, on rooftop, indoor, flush ceiling-mounted, Bathroom extractor, or floor stand; along with many flavours like metal, plastic, smooth or raspy rattles with gurgling wobbles. Some of the Sounds have useful varied point of perspectives (Close-up, distance), and most of them are ‘loopable’.

– 124 stereo files
– Highly focused and meticulously edited sounds
– Wide variety
– Different perspectives are included as well

Number of Files: 124 High Quality WAVS (104 min)
Size Unpacked: 3.43 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH418, MKH8090, DPA 4060, Sound Devices Mixpre6, 788T.
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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