About the Sound Effects Library

This collection comprises acoustic (electro-mechanical) sounds of a VCR’s operation, and clips of VHS tape noise.

All sound clips are accurately named and meta-tagged to their particular transport operation or amount of tape damage.

Along with all single transport operations (play, pause, etc), many combination sequences were also recorded, from the most common (e.g. rewind/stop) to the most specific (e.g. fast scan/pause/eject). Most were recorded several times over, so you can use several sounds of (say) tape ejection without repeating the same clip over and over.

Direct recordings of background noise from a silent tape’s hi-fi track are provided, from the faintest background to the worst possible noise. You’ll find about a hundred different samples of bad tracking and tape defect, of different duration and severity.

All clips are provided in 24 bits and 48KHz. However, some also come with a copy at 96 KHz: Those are the sounds most likely to be used as raw material for further processing into your own special effects. That way, you can retain brightness all over the audible spectrum even when slowing them down to half speed.

Number of Files: 542 High Quality WAVS (4h 44min)
Size Unpacked: 3.14 Gb
Sample Rate: 48-96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: VCR: JVC HR-E939
Mic: Senheiser MKH-40
Recorder: Sound Devices 702 (mic)
Converter: RME ADI-8 QS (tape)
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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