About the Sound Effects Library

Recorded in 24bit/44.1khz, this library is aimed at Sci-Fi and Horror genre Games and Films, for use as background textures.

All the sounds here are between 1-2 minutes long and have been crafted using Eurorack Modular and a Virus Ti2 from scratch. I made these for use as underpinnings to other FX and Musical sequences. They are split into Bass and High Frequency files for ease of use. All the files have been normalised to -3db to provide a bit of added headroom for combination with other sounds. They are also recorded with no particular rythm, in order to make finding loop points easy. They would also be great for chopping up and using sections for other SFX and layers. Hope you enjoy!

Number of Files: 42 High Quality WAVS (1:03:57)
Size Unpacked: 968MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: All elements have been sequenced using a Synthstrom Deluge and recorded into Ableton Live. Synths used – Access Virus Ti2, Eurorack Modular inc. E352 Cloud Terrarium, Braids and Spectrum Oscillators and Mogasmatron/Polaris for filtering. All sounds have been run through Z-DSP and BlackHole DSP fx units for added textures. Pamelas New Workout provides the Modulations.
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