About the Sound Effects Library

Public Places In Everyday LifeIn this collection of sound files, I wanted to capture everyday places that were fairly accessible and familiar in everyday life.
I came up with four places, the supermarket, an exhibition museum, a shopping mall and an international airport.
These were recorded mainly from a static listening point as people and objects pass by. In the case of some of the sounds from the airport these were recorded from the perspective of a person moving through it.

The collection of sounds include people chatting and walking, footsteps, wheeled suitcases being pulled along a moving walkway, kitchen noises from a large cafe in a big open space, security announcements, traveling inside a very large elevator, mechanical moving walkway and a multi-storey car park adjoining.

Number of Files: 22 High Quality WAVS (31 minutes 54 seconds)
Size Unpacked: 734 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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