About the Sound Effects Library

The pack includes 330 high quality audio files containing most of the common phrases and keywords normally spoken by narrator voices in many AAA games. Phrases like “construction complete”, “upgrading”, “mission complete”, “unit lost”, “enemy unit destroyed”, “mining”, “unit taking heavy fire”, “unable to comply”, “insufficient resource”, “target within range”, and many more.

SonnissProdMale1In addition to the numerous phrases and wide ranging scope these audio files cover, we have also included many keywords that may be used on their own, combined with other keywords, or combined with other phrases to compose even more uttered phrases. The large set of keywords greatly increases the sheer number of possible unique in-game voice narration phrases that can be composed.

The narrator voice sounds similar to a male AI typically heard in some high quality sci-fi based games or even in some popular shows and movies. The pack can be used for various types of games such as those that fall under the Real-time Strategy (RTS) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre. This pack is also applicable to games involving capture the flag, control points, space shooters, as well as tower defense games with abilities, skills, and perks.

The audio files are separated into two sets and are stored under the “Audio Files/WAV Files” directory and the “Audio Files/MP3 Files” directory. All wav format files are stored in the “WAV Files” directory and all mp3 format files are stored in the “MP3 Files” directory. The two sets contain exactly the same phrases and keywords. We simply provided a copy of the audio files in mp3 format for convenience. MP3 files commonly have smaller file sizes and are often considered to be best suited for mobile deployments.

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