About the Sound Effects Library

Dogs is a sound effects collection of over 300 high definition dog sounds.

It contains barks, squeals, whines, yawns, growls, drinking, shaking and much more.

Dogs 300Four dogs were recorded, ranging from small to huge dogs:

  • Cairn Terrier
  • Entlebucher Sennen
  • Labrador
  • New Foundlander

Apart from being a useful dog library, this libraries elements can be extremely useful for creature vocalization design.

We stress that NO animals were in any way harmed, mistreated or provoked in the making of this library.
The squeals and whines where acquired from a dog that has the tendency of producing terrifying squeals and whines when being petted or played with.

All sounds are Soundminer metadata embedded.

See the complete track listing below.

All sound effects in the Dogs library are shot in mono.

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