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“Cartridge & Casings Shell” contains 16 different categories of impacting casings shell that bounce and roll on the floor.

Many different materials: tiled floor, wooden floor, carpeted floor, asphalt, concrete, earthenware, stone, sand, mud, grass, house stairs and outdoor stairs, different types of metal, sofa, plastic, tables, ceramic sinks …
These cases are used for civilian and military firefighting weapons: carbines, sniper rifles, automatic machine guns, revolvers and pocket handguns.

264 win mag,
500 S&W,
50 AE,
300 Win Mag,
460 S&W Magnum,
6mm BR Norma,
357 magnum,
223 Remington,
7.62 × 39mm,
44 magnum,
9 x 21.
45 ACP,
40 S & W.
7.65 × 17mm
Caliber 22 – 6 mm

– Metadata edited to be easily found via soundminer / basehead.
The most common weapons and the category of firearms (handgun, rifle, sniper rifle, automatic weapon, shotgun, hunting rifle) are written in the “description” section to help to find the right sound of the fireguns.

Library ships in 96kHz/24bit High Definition Audio
Unbeatable variety of sounds
well-grounded Soundminer – Basehead Metadata
Indoor and Outdoor recordings

Number of Files: 200 High Quality WAVS (01:24:34)
Size Unpacked: 2.94 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Oktava mk012 Cardioid Stereo SET – Schoeps CMC mk41 Stereo Set – AlphaMIX PSC Mixer or AD145Pico – Zoomh6 or SD633
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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