About the Sound Effects Library

Camera 300Camera is a sound effects collection of over 300 high definition camera sounds.

It contains camera clicks, zooms, timers, opening and closing film lids, flashes charging and more.
Where relevant, there are different performances of the same sound.

All sounds are Soundminer metadata embedded.




Pocket camera, digital, Samsung D830
Pocket camera, digital, Kodak CX7430
Pocket camera, digital, Canon Powershot S400
Pocket camera, analogue, Kodak Instamatic, 60′s model
Flash, Canon Speedlite 430EX
Mirror reflex, analogue, auto transport, Minolta 7000
Mirror reflex, analogue, manual transport, Canon FTB
Mirror reflex, digital, Nikon D90

The sound effects in the Camera library are shot in mono.

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