About the Sound Effects Library

“PWL08 : Ambisonic Overview : USA – WEST COAST AIRPORT & FLIGHT” is a collection of sounds recorded between 2 airports of the westcoast of the USA : Los Angeles, and Oakland. As a bonus we put in the library sounds recorded at the Paris Airport (France).

The library include also sounds recorded during the flights between this 3 airports in four different plane : one Boing 787, one Boing 789 Dreamliner, one Airbus A319, and one Airbus A320.

We were recording in many places inside the airports : Tickets place, gate place, security check, waiting room, near restaurant, bar, dutyfree shop, etc…

And also inside the planes : before take off, security announcement, take off, landing, roomtone, ambiance during the flight, passenger walla, Captain and crew PA System

-The sound bank contains 64 sound takes record in 24/96khZ for a total duration of 388 min of original sound, decline in 192 files

Recordings include:

-> 64 sound takes :

-26 sound takes recorded inside the Airports of Los Angeles (USA), Oakland (USA) and Paris (FRANCE).
-38 sound takes recorded inside the following planes : Boing 787, one Boing 789 Dreamliner, Airbus A319, and Airbus A320.

Number of Files: 64 High Quality WAVS (388 minutes)
Size Unpacked: 44 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Recording equipment:

-Recorder : Sound Device Mixpre 10T
-Ambisonic Microphone : Sennheiser AMBEO
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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