About the Sound Effects Library

Electric cars are here for good! They’ll change the planet, our lives, and more to the point, automobile SFX.

prius-c-hybridTo address the impending demand for electric car sounds in the entertainment industry, we’ve recorded the Prius Model C. The Model C was chosen both for its smooth electric motor and for its high road-noise penetration into the cabin. In addition to driving performances, this 6.3 GB library also provides Prius’ notification-beeps and car-voice messages, its doors, horn, and more.

Driving performances are simultaneously captured from within the cabin (with 5.1 surround-sound), in other parts of the vehicle (in the engine compartment, and from the tail-pipe), as well as from the exterior.

Secret Source sound library filenames are intuitively written for fast and easy access and organization. Each filename contains a unique identifier, a performance-group identifier, and a detailed performance description. Microphone and other information is also provided in file metadata.

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