Pronounced "Air-uh-vey-in" (and often said in a charismatic yet rogue-ish accent), we are an intimate sound design company that goes beyond the creation of 'foundation' effects so that we may get cognitively dynamic with the sounds all around. Straight to the interesting, as it were. It is our personal mission to percolate through any given soundscape and bring out unique listening perspectives, mindfully developed designs, and rare captures all which will provide fresh material for creative audio minds the world over. With our libraries, you will be able to create brand new sonic experiences in your project using audio sources that are both new to the market, and fresh to audio project development. Through a synthesis of comprehensive theoretical and technical know-how, auditory dexterity, about one and three-quarters handfuls of cognitive science, an adventurer's spirit, and a pinch of magic...we create sonic craft work. Eiravaein Works isn't a line-item audio company driven by maximizing our profit margins...we're a boutique audio faire (a festival!) impelled by the adventure of sonic creativity.
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