The New European VAT Law’s

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Worried About #VATMOSS? Sonniss Can Take Care Of Everything…

OK. So I am pretty sure that I don’t need to tell you how much of a ball-ache all of this crazy European VAT stuff is. You are all probably already aware. I have been inundated over the last couple of days by vendor messages asking us what we are going to do.…

First and foremost. – After carefully considering the problems faced by all of our vendors we couldn’t just sit here and expect you to handle of all this mess yourselves. Sonniss is now the biggest site on the internet for independent sound effect libraries and we don’t want to lose that title any time soon. We want to make things easy for you so that you keep using our platform and continuing to list your libraries on Sonniss.

Up until now, Sonniss has been VAT exempt because our revenue was under the £81,000 threshold required in the UK by law. That threshold has now gone for digital goods sold in the European Union.

Early January, Sonniss will become legally classified as a distributor of independent sound effects libraries and remove all of your problems and headaches in one swoop. – If you sell your sound effect libraries through Sonniss, these new eEuropeanVAT rules will not affect any of the sales you make in any way. Why? Because you only have one customer – and that’s us. You won’t have any business-to-consumer sales on Sonniss. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sales are only what these new rules affect.

For European consumers buying your license through Sonniss, VAT will be automatically added, collected and paid to all member states. You wont have to do anything.

Go to bed and get some sleep. Let us do all the hard work.



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