[WIN] $10,000 Worth Of Sound Effects! (250GB+)

Get your hands on some high quality sound effects this month with our special indie sound library prize draw. Over 500GB of sound effects are up for grabs from some of the world’s leading sound recordists. ($16,000 in value).

Everything we are giving away is royalty-free and commercially-usable. (No attribution is required). Check out the license here. You can use them on an unlimited number of projects for the rest of your lifetime.


First prize: $10,000 sound effects bundle -> XLS | PDF | CSV | Google Docs
Second prize: $5000 sound effects bundle -> XLS | PDF | CSV
Third Prize: $1000 sound effects bundle -> XLS | PDF | CSV


Simply click the ‘like’ button on the Sonniss Facebook page and then enter your email address in the box below.

[contesthopper contest=”691″] 3 people will be randomly selected in consecutive order. (Winners announced @ 2016-10-01 13:00). Good luck! If you have any questions about this giveaway please email timothy@sonniss.com for more details. All entrants will be automatically added to our weekly newsletter.

A SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE… (Without them this wouldn’t be possible)

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