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The Yellowstone library

Yellowstone CoverWhen I first visited Yellowstone back in 1996, I fell in love instantly. It is by far my favorite place on earth. Not just for the physical beauty, but for the sonic diversity as well. In October of 2006 I spent a week in Yellowstone, getting up at 3am to beat the crowds, to record as many features as I could.

For years I’ve had these sounds, Mud Pots to Geysers, Steam Vents to Splashing Pools. They’re among my favorite recordings I’ve ever made, and I’m happy to finally share them with the world. It’s time. For me, there is such diversity in these sounds, from the tinniest bubbling of Ear Spring, to massive Castle Geyser, erupting 200 feet into the air. I hope that you all enjoy these sounds as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them.

Yellowstone SFX Library is 120 stereo tracks, at 96/24. Including giant geysers, bubbling mud pots, fumaroles, hot springs, water streams and more.

Equipment used: SoundDevices 722, using Schoeps MS rig (CMC6 XT extended frequency bodies with an MK41/MK8 Capsule setup)
Telinga Stereo Parabolic.

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