About the Sound Effects Library

Unknown, a new sound library based on:

Raw objects and pass by.

We wanted to create unclassifiable objects, but with a natural aspect and texture. They can be easily added into a natural, sci-fi, historical or fantasy world.
The sound library is organized into 2 different categories such as:

Raw and designed objects included into this collection

The source objects are gears like, toaster, gloves, paper, pipe,small motor, voices, iron bowl, garden hose, plastic sheet, air pump, stick, trolley, ratchet. The elements are wind, water, underwater. The textures are plastic, metal, wood…

The designing keeps a natural aspect and not too much processed for giving you the possibility to integrate your sound easily into your scene. You could imagine a space ship, a drone, an arrow, a voice spirit, a creature, a UFO, an ammunition…

Unknown-pass-by contains fast, med, slow pass by (from left to right). Small and large objects, it’s time to widen your imagination…

Tech description:

744T Sound device+HDP2 Tascam+EAA Micromix+SQN
MS Schoeps CMC 6 and CMC 5, decoded
KMR 82i Neuman
2 KM 184 Neuman
Barcus berry contact mic
96 kHz/24bits, 190 .WAV, stereo and mono files (709 MB)

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